We need a Networking Relationship Management (NRM) system

Have you heard of the book Your Network is Your Net Worth by Porter Gale? She makes the case that your true “net worth” isn’t measured by the wealth you have amassed.

Instead, your most valuable asset is the meaningful connections you have created and actively maintain with other human beings.

The world is changing rapidly. Relationships are spanning the globe and are no longer restricted to the people you physically meet every day. Succeeding in this new world depends on your connections with kind, smart, and talented people.

The old ways…

If you want to remain relevant and advance your career in today’s global marketplace, you need to serve as an enabler of business growth and innovation. One of the best ways to do this is to adopt an “immigrant mindset.”

What Does ‘Immigrant Mentality’ Really Mean?

Immigrant mentality, once a negative term, has been reclaimed by Cuban-American business entrepreneur Glenn Llopis to describe the unique perspective and qualities that those from immigrant backgrounds bring to the world of business.

Llopis argues that the key psychological differences that those from immigrants demonstrate in their attitudes to both lives and work underpin their natural aptitude for success. Furthermore…

We used to think that intelligence is innate. Some people have it, and others just don’t. The brain we’re born with is the one we’re stuck with for life.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

New and improving technologies in neuroscience are giving us deeper insight into the mysterious gray stuff inside our heads. It turns out, our brains are surprisingly dynamic; we do things every single day that affect their structure and chemistry.

Below are ten of the ways that we can literally change our brains, for better or worse…

Which of these things do you do?

1. Exercising

“We hear only those questions for which we are in a position to find answers.” — Friedrich Nietszche

It was the ancient Greek philosopher Plato who is credited with saying: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” He realized that to live a complete life we must examine it truthfully.

If you don’t make time to examine your motives, it may catch up to you. Why? Many people are dictated by their unconscious desires instead of making conscious choices. They have a habit of reacting instead of responding to what is taking place in their lives.

I’m not suggesting they…

My life has never been linear. My family and I moved from Ukraine to Israel to Chicago to the San Francisco Bay Area all within the first 5 years of my life. My parents had $200 in their bank account when we moved to the US.

Life was never easy.

This experience put me on a unique trajectory and journey — one where I struggled to find my identity in college and in the corporate workplace.

If you’re anything like how I was, you may be telling yourself right now:

👉 “I’m not good enough”

👉 “I don’t have enough…

For years I have been obsessed with 3 things: Travel, health, and investing.

Basically, I think we all need to make money to have the experiences we want in life, and the experiences I wanted seem to mostly revolve around travel. Other people want money for other things — like buying a house or buying their next car — and there is nothing wrong with that. It is just I wanted to spend my money on traveling the world.

When I started thinking about starting my coaching business and writing this blog, I figured I wanted to do something that…

People’s energies are contagious. Involve yourself only with those you want to be like.

Yes, you heard me right — it is your duty to yourself to choose who you hang around with. Why? Because it makes a great impact on you (and your life).

How People’s Energies Affect You

People are like sponges, and we suck in energy from emotions, feelings, and reactions from other people. Now, this is ok, once in a while — such as when you sympathize with someone if they are going through some tough times. …

Meet Jeneve, aka “Mr. Big Life” — the legend from St. Thomas.

In January 2016, I traveled to St. Thomas with my family, and one night, we ate at this incredible restaurant called the Caribbean Fish Market (highly recommend it).

That night, I met a server — Jeneve — who has profoundly changed my life.

On the island, most people call him “Mr. Big Life” because he exudes this vibrant, contagious energy. He has the biggest smile and heart.

Jeneve then told me that he grew up in St. Kitts, an island with limited resources, and he’s now settled in…

Starting a coaching business in 2020 has been exhilarating, challenging, and the greatest learning lessons of my life. I had the opportunity to test out new ideas, talk to different markets, refine my messaging, and more importantly, connect with so many incredible humans from so many different backgrounds.

And through that process and as the year 2020 is coming to an end, I want to share 10 things I have scribbled in my journal (in a more systemic way).

Here are the 10 learnings from 2020 (#6 sticks with me the most).

  1. We spend too much time doing nothing and…

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Really? You can attract money? Yes, really.

Actually, you can also scare money away.

But don’t worry — after reading this blog post, you will know how to effectively attract money.

The Right Mindset

Attracting and pushing away money have a lot to do with your mindset. If you are needy and feel like money is the root of all evil, or look at people with money and feel jealous or angry at them, then money can actually turn against you. The reason for this is that you are thinking of money as something scarce — so that will materialize in your life.

Edward Gorbis

Helping aspiring and first-time leaders unleash their full potential. CEO of Career Meets World.

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